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One more pic *Pic*
By:James Neely
Date: 6/14/2001, 2:48 pm

This shows the whole thing.
You can also see my travelling 4 X 8 work table with 2' drop leaves. I made it for my airplane project where I was working on 4 x 12 sheets of aluminum. I wouldn't be w/o that table now. It has more darn uses. For instance it makes a great outfeed for the table saw. It's wonderful when you have to lay out and cut large pieces of glass cloth. I mounted that quickie rack, ( you can just see it at the end) for the roll of glass using drywall screws, (my favourite temporary fastener),cut off what I needed, and can have the rack off in two shakes.
Best of all the darn thing rolls into any position I need.

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One more pic *Pic*
James Neely -- 6/14/2001, 2:48 pm
Re: Great Job!
Ben Staley -- 6/14/2001, 3:30 pm