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Build a paddle,ferrule,carbon-sorta long
Date: 7/23/2001, 9:42 pm

First a confession- I am really a single paddle guy. I am looking to build a double paddle,as a second paddle,because my canoe is too tender to use sitting (vs kneeling) unless the seat is near the bottem and also because my favorate single paddle needs 3 ft of water to work properly. The commercial plastic doubles are ugly and the wood ones I have seen are heavy and loose at the ferrule. Besides I am a DIY'er so please do not give up me yet.

I want to make a double like my favorate single ( worth a look because unique and they make doubles). I know the blades are going to get beat up in shallow water and have to be replaced maybe one to two years.

So my proposal/question is why not use a carbon shaft(for light weight and stiffness) and hardwood blades epoxied to the shaft.Perhaps by drilling out a blade or cutting of an inch of shaft I can get 4 paddles out of one carbon shaft.The only source I know of for carbon shafts is Zeravel( any others?).

The hardest question is how to do a non-wobble ferrule.I have no idea how to do one of the spring loaded buttons like in a commercial shaft. One way to do a non wobble shaft is a bolt and a speed nut (Veritas, very ugly). Any sugestions?

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Build a paddle,ferrule,carbon-sorta long
John -- 7/23/2001, 9:42 pm
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Jay Babina -- 7/24/2001, 8:32 am
NM Lots of good info-thanks to all *NM*
John -- 7/24/2001, 7:42 pm
Re: Build a paddle,ferrule
Paul G. Jacobson -- 7/24/2001, 3:43 am
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Les Nightingill -- 7/23/2001, 11:51 pm
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Bill Boyd -- 7/23/2001, 10:32 pm