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Source for Plywood Physicals?
By:Craig Bumgarner
Date: 6/21/2001, 9:04 am

Anyone know of a source for the physical properties of plywoods? I am interested in trying to go beyond the standard Mahagony/Okoume options. My main interest is trying to bring the standard S&G kayak down from the common 42-45 lbs to 28-30 lbs (or less). Though structural integrity is important to me, long term durability is not, so rot resistance for example is not important.

Aircraft sources sell lots of interesting plys with dense out skins and light weight inner skins, but so far I haven't found any physical specs for these plys? Any ideas? I'd be glad to share what I find out!


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Source for Plywood Physicals?
Craig Bumgarner -- 6/21/2001, 9:04 am
Re: Source for Plywood Physicals?
Peter Harris -- 6/21/2001, 7:06 pm
Re: Source for Plywood Physicals?
Porter -- 6/22/2001, 1:25 pm
Re: Source for Plywood Physicals?
peter czerpak -- 6/21/2001, 10:55 am