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Launch of the Raven *Pic*
By:Frank Malinowski
Date: 8/31/2001, 9:30 pm

It flies!!!

Some pictures of the RAVEN on its first voyage around Los Alimitos Bay in Long Beach.

In the first few minutes it took some getting used to. The boat tracks like a arrow. At first it seemed small and slow and difficult to turn. But after an hour paddle around the bay we were getting familiar with each other. There is plenty of room, it still felt slow to paddle except that all the other kayaks were left behind even the doubles. And it turns very nicely when I lean it which is easy to do.

After the first hour the bonding was stronger than the epoxy on the boat seams. I wore my dadís Chicago Bears cap. Just something to remember the old woodworker.

It now has its first few scratches--and an even better excuse to get out the sander and the can of varnish and hang out in the garage

second pic @: (if the link works)

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Launch of the Raven *Pic*
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