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Herringbone accent strip
Date: 8/1/2001, 12:39 am

I thought I'd saved the picture of the boat with the herringbone accent "ribbon", but have lost that pic. Could the person who posted it about a month ago send me the link to that again? I am fantasizing about my next project already, and would like to try that if you wouldn't mind my borrowing your idea.

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Herringbone accent strip
LisaS -- 8/1/2001, 12:39 am
Re: not sure if this is it *Pic*
Ross Leidy -- 8/1/2001, 10:01 am
Stunning-- Your recessed compass-- for me later. *NM*
John Monfoe -- 8/2/2001, 4:41 am
Beautiful boat, Ross
Jim Pace -- 8/1/2001, 10:34 pm
Re: So was that like a kit or something?
Shawn Baker -- 8/2/2001, 6:05 pm
Re: Overall paint
Val Wann -- 8/2/2001, 6:58 pm
My heart stopped. I need CPR! Just stunning :D *NM*
Roger Nuffer -- 8/1/2001, 9:22 pm
Re: about those hold downs...
Chet Lee -- 8/1/2001, 6:01 pm
Re: about those hold downs... *Pic*
Ross Leidy -- 8/2/2001, 9:04 am
Re: Leidy's Herringbone NOT!
Jim Kozel -- 8/1/2001, 10:09 pm
Re: Leidy's Herringbone NOT!
Ross Leidy -- 8/2/2001, 9:11 am
Re: not sure if this is it
Lisa S -- 8/1/2001, 10:35 am