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Too Hot
Date: 9/6/2001, 7:19 pm

.....sunshine go away today

I dont much feel like......


Johnathan Ewards

106degee heat index,tornado down the road,Mosquitoes that bite at noon,Thunder Storms from Thors Hammer,West Nile virus,lightning captial of the World,summertime yak building in Florida blows come on winter.


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Too Hot
100GRIT -- 9/6/2001, 7:19 pm
Re: not to rub it in but.....
Jon Limebrook -- 9/6/2001, 8:03 pm
Re: not to rub it in but.....
Rehd -- 9/6/2001, 10:10 pm
I'm only a little envious
don -- 9/6/2001, 8:24 pm