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Broken paddle blues - OT venting
By:Jim Pace
Date: 9/21/2001, 11:57 pm

While on a 4 day trip to Isle Royale I was executing an extended paddle roll and just as I was leaning back and my head was breaking the surface, 'snap' the shaft of my paddle broke right where my hand was gripped. Back in the water I went, wet exit time. Fortunately we had an extra paddle in our group so we were able to continue on our way.
The paddle I broke was a nice wood paddle, manufactured by a pretty well known firm (who I don't intend to disparage here) that I'd only had since Christmas and had treated with kid gloves. After returning home, I shipped both pieces of the paddle back to the folks that built it, explaining how it broke and respectfully requesting a replacement. Today i got a call from the owner of the company. He told me that there were cracks on the throat of the blade as well and the paddle had obviously been stressed beyond it's limits. I agreed that the paddle had been stressed beyond it's limits, inasmuch as it was now broken, but using the paddle to execute a roll would seem to be part of the normal job description of a kayak paddle.
After a long phone conversation, he told me he would replace the broken half of the paddle for $45.00 (american).
My point was that if the paddle was defective, then it should be replaced - if it was not defective then why would I pay another 45 bucks for a paddle that i can't depend on in an emergency. Oh well, 150 bucks down the tubes, I guess. In light of the events of the past couple weeks, I know it's a trivial little thing. It's just a bummer to come up against this after dealing with the folks on this board who have been the personification of integrity.

Okay, done venting. Thanks.

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Broken paddle blues - OT venting
Jim Pace -- 9/21/2001, 11:57 pm
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