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Collapsible(?), Cheap(?), Kayak idea
Date: 9/28/2001, 1:21 pm

Okay, take "collapsible" and "cheap" only in the best senses of the words.

Play with a "what if" for a moment...

What if I made a cheap knockoff of the Kahuna by feathercraft? I'd need properly sized ribs made of plywood instead of their "injection molded polycarbonate", and instead of the aluminum stringers, used PVC conduit pipe (I got some of this stuff and abused it mightily with a hammer with no material failure - the grey stuff not white plumbing PVC. No way that aluminum or wood could have withstood that attack so well). Then I could make a skin of the recently mentioned PVC material used on billboards, or scraps from a truck tarping company.

Cheap? Yes. Light? Enough. Doable? Maybe. But what do you more knowledgeable folks think?

The key to the whole thing, IMO, would be to have a really good rib design since that is what would determine the boat's shape. Any ideas how I could get tracings of the Kahuna's ribs and measurements between the ribs?


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Collapsible(?), Cheap(?), Kayak idea
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