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Walrus gunwale height...
Date: 6/24/2001, 11:56 pm

Greetings all, progress on the Walrus is going well. This week I will be installing the gunwales which is why Im posting.

I need to know if any body has opinions on the locations for the gunwales given as standard in Putz's book. Im 5'9" tall and wear a 9.5" shoe. I expect they are fine for somebody like me but what about the people who invariably will borrow the boat who wear a size 11? Im thinking perhaps I should raise the height slightly but am not sure. Its more complicated also as I plan to make the cockpit of the keyhole type. I also would like to use the boat for camping occasionally. I know that the gunwale height is not the end of the story since the deck beams can be made higher or lower as well.

So if anybody has any good insight as to how the standard gunwale height works out in practice please let me know.

Thanks in advance. Im really enjoying this project even working outside in the 107 degree weather it is great. Ive had no major mishaps yet and am learning so much. The first few joints I did were probably more epoxy than wood but Im getting the hang of it now.


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Walrus gunwale height...
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