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By:Doug East
Date: 9/15/2001, 4:31 pm

I just finished my new boat, a Guillemont and have had it out for four short paddles. I have a happy bottom seat, a regular backband, and keepers footbraces. I cannot get comfortable. My feet always are falling asleep, and my legs and butt are real uncomfortable.

Any tips?

I should add that I am a beginner/novice paddler.


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Doug East -- 9/15/2001, 4:31 pm
Who said it would be comfortable?!
Jim Pace -- 9/15/2001, 11:28 pm
Thanks for all the tips!
Doug East -- 9/16/2001, 9:16 pm
Re: One last tip
Ben Staley -- 9/17/2001, 10:46 am
You mean you do handstands? WOW! ;) *NM*
risto -- 9/17/2001, 12:37 pm
Re: Uncomfotable! *Pic*
Ken Sutherland -- 9/15/2001, 10:14 pm
Re: Uncomfotable!
John Schroeder -- 9/15/2001, 6:43 pm