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Re: Uncomfotable!
By:John Schroeder
Date: 9/15/2001, 6:43 pm
In Response To: Uncomfotable! (Doug East)

: I just finished my new boat, a Guillemont and have had it out for four short
: paddles. I have a happy bottom seat, a regular backband, and keepers
: footbraces. I cannot get comfortable. My feet always are falling asleep,
: and my legs and butt are real uncomfortable.

Check out the thread about seat designs at Rehd had some information re ideal seat angles. About the same time as this thread there were a couple other discussions about making your own custom fit seats. Sounds to me like you don't have enough support for your thighs. Also, check out Spidey's web pages on building a seat - step by step instructions, pictures, the whole nine yards.

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Doug East -- 9/15/2001, 4:31 pm
Who said it would be comfortable?!
Jim Pace -- 9/15/2001, 11:28 pm
Thanks for all the tips!
Doug East -- 9/16/2001, 9:16 pm
Re: One last tip
Ben Staley -- 9/17/2001, 10:46 am
You mean you do handstands? WOW! ;) *NM*
risto -- 9/17/2001, 12:37 pm
Re: Uncomfotable! *Pic*
Ken Sutherland -- 9/15/2001, 10:14 pm
Re: Uncomfotable!
John Schroeder -- 9/15/2001, 6:43 pm