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Herreshoff's Double-Paddle Canoe
By:Mike Daley
Date: 8/22/2001, 10:23 pm

I would like to purchase plans to scale for the Herreshoff Double-Paddle Canoe.
If anyone has information on where I can get the plans, I would appreciate their help.

September/October 1984 Wooden Boat (page 142): Plans to scale are available from Mrs. Muriel Vaughn, 2 Crocker Park, Marblehead, Mas.
1. Are these plans still available?
2. I would also like to hear from anyone who has built the Double-Paddle Canoe.

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Herreshoff's Double-Paddle Canoe
Mike Daley -- 8/22/2001, 10:23 pm
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Paul G. -- 8/22/2001, 11:45 pm
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addison -- 8/22/2001, 11:11 pm