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boat stronger than rack
By:Terry Hanson
Date: 8/22/2001, 11:33 am

R2K1 was a great weekend. thanks to all the presenters especially Bill & Beth Price and Curt Hanks for their great hospitality.
After travelling 10hrs there and 10hrs home with out incident ( worrying that my boat was tied on securely )I angle parked downtown while my son and I went into a store. When we returned it appeared as if two guys were taking my boat off the roof. What really had happened was, a large camper had backed up hitting the stern . The ranger rack broke off its fittings and the whole mess was sitting sideways on the canopy. the camper driver was very appologetic,but I realized the stern was probably out too far..Anyway the kayak is fine despite a small dent,my canopy is not damaged and the rack is easily replaceable. Did I mention I had a great week end! Cheers!

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boat stronger than rack
Terry Hanson -- 8/22/2001, 11:33 am
Re: boat stronger than rack
Bill Price -- 8/22/2001, 3:14 pm