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I took the Albatross out for another spin
By:Dale Frolander
Date: 7/15/2001, 2:21 am

I paddled the Albatross all around Silver Lake in Everett today for a couple hours and really enjoyed it. I have footpegs in it now and I think that helped quite a bit in controlling it. It was a little bit windy out, but I didn't have any real problems with steering. The kayak did want to turn into the wind a little bit, but no more than any other kayak I've paddled.

I'm glad I listened to all that said to wait until it's outfitted to see how it handles. Now I need to have some others test it out at R2K1 to compare it with other models.

The kayak is almost completely done now including a couple of coats of varnish. I just have some minor finishing touches like deck bungies, making a mount location for my pump, replacing the ropes on the ends with wood handles, adding hip pads, thigh pads, compass...

BTW, there was a kayak demo day at Silver Lake and some of the people putting the demo on got drool all over my kayak. Gotta go wash it off now. I just loved having a strip-built sitting there next to all the boring plastic and fiberglass yaks.