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River or sport kayaks
By:Doug mitchell
Date: 8/17/2001, 1:32 am

I am interested to hear about or aquire a plan for buildin a river or sport kayak. I have found may sights containing info on ocean kayaks but can't seen to find them for the river.

Any info of suggestions welcome



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River or sport kayaks
Doug mitchell -- 8/17/2001, 1:32 am
Re: River or sport kayaks
Steve L -- 8/19/2001, 2:04 pm
Re: River or sport kayaks
Doug mitchell -- 8/21/2001, 9:10 pm
The Gecko, but no address
Pete Notman -- 8/18/2001, 5:24 am
Gecko link
Les Nightingill -- 8/18/2001, 9:34 am
Re: River or sport kayaks
Pete Notman -- 8/18/2001, 4:18 am
Re: River boats
!RUSS -- 8/17/2001, 11:10 am
Re: should say white water kayak
Doug mitchell -- 8/17/2001, 1:53 pm
white water kayak
!RUSS -- 8/17/2001, 4:22 pm