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Hot weather effects
By:Mark Berger
Date: 6/21/2001, 3:56 pm

Has anyone had any problems with high outdoor temperatures affecting their boats? I'm concerned about leaving my Pygmy Coho on my roof rack on hot summer days. When the air temp is close to 100F, the hull temp must get a lot hotter. It seems to me that the epoxy will start to soften at some point. If the epoxy gets soft the boat might warp.

Has anyone actually seen any damage due to hot weather? Does anyone routinely leave their boats out in these conditions without problems?

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Hot weather effects
Mark Berger -- 6/21/2001, 3:56 pm
Re: Hot weather effects
Rob Macks -- 6/21/2001, 5:29 pm
Re: Hot weather effects
Shawn Baker -- 6/21/2001, 6:05 pm