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My Sprint Kayak / Name that boat! :) *Pic*
By:John Soberay
Date: 9/24/2001, 9:56 pm

First, let me say that if i ever see Tom Cruise, i'm going to fight him.

Second, a special thanks to all who are on this board for giving me tips, ideas, and solutions for completing this project. Special thanks to Ross Leidy, who's Guillemot/work of art i saw at the World Record thing in May got me hooked on the idea of building one. Also thanks to that dude at the Newport Beach Aquatic Center for letting me get dimensions off of his race boat (whoever he was).

Third.....well here it is, my sprint kayak. This thing is really really fast, and even moreso, tippy. Minus a few mods on the cockpit, the thing is great. (um, and minus the time it will take to be able to paddle it without getting dumped every once in a while) Anyway, thanks again!

Finally, the boat needs a name. Among nominations from my weird friends are the following (see if you can come up with one too) :)

The Liz Taylor (it may dump you at any time)
The Ted Kennedy (it's always tipsy)
The John Rocker (lots of speed, no control)
The Mariah Carey (very unstable)
The Britney Spears (i won't explain that one!)

Anyway, here it is:

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My Sprint Kayak / Name that boat! :) *Pic*
John Soberay -- 9/24/2001, 9:56 pm
Re: My Sprint Kayak / Name that boat! :)
Stephen Kelly -- 9/27/2001, 11:48 pm
Up Periscope *NM*
John Monfoe -- 9/26/2001, 6:00 am
Jim Pace -- 9/25/2001, 10:06 pm
I would just name it Bob
Jim -- 9/25/2001, 1:53 pm
Re: how about MCI? *NM*
Jon Limebrook -- 9/25/2001, 11:11 am
name nominations ( Naminations?) :)
Paul G. Jacobson -- 9/25/2001, 12:06 am
Watership Down:D *NM*
!RUSS -- 9/25/2001, 7:55 am