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Re: My Sprint Kayak / Name that boat! :)
By:Stephen Kelly
Date: 9/27/2001, 11:48 pm
In Response To: My Sprint Kayak / Name that boat! :) *Pic* (John Soberay)

: First, let me say that if i ever see Tom Cruise, i'm going to fight him.

: Second, a special thanks to all who are on this board for giving me tips,
: ideas, and solutions for completing this project. Special thanks to Ross
: Leidy, who's Guillemot/work of art i saw at the World Record thing in May
: got me hooked on the idea of building one. Also thanks to that dude at the
: Newport Beach Aquatic Center for letting me get dimensions off of his race
: boat (whoever he was).

: Third.....well here it is, my sprint kayak. This thing is really really fast,
: and even moreso, tippy. Minus a few mods on the cockpit, the thing is
: great. (um, and minus the time it will take to be able to paddle it
: without getting dumped every once in a while) Anyway, thanks again!

: Finally, the boat needs a name. Among nominations from my weird friends are
: the following (see if you can come up with one too) :)

: The Liz Taylor (it may dump you at any time)
: The Ted Kennedy (it's always tipsy)
: The John Rocker (lots of speed, no control)
: The Mariah Carey (very unstable)
: The Britney Spears (i won't explain that one!)

: Anyway, here it is:

The boat looks fantastic but I am sorry I am not real good with names.

I am interested in where you got the design for the boat. If you can help it would be much appreciated.

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John Soberay -- 9/24/2001, 9:56 pm
Re: My Sprint Kayak / Name that boat! :)
Stephen Kelly -- 9/27/2001, 11:48 pm
Up Periscope *NM*
John Monfoe -- 9/26/2001, 6:00 am
Jim Pace -- 9/25/2001, 10:06 pm
I would just name it Bob
Jim -- 9/25/2001, 1:53 pm
Re: how about MCI? *NM*
Jon Limebrook -- 9/25/2001, 11:11 am
name nominations ( Naminations?) :)
Paul G. Jacobson -- 9/25/2001, 12:06 am
Watership Down:D *NM*
!RUSS -- 9/25/2001, 7:55 am