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Self Rescuing kayak --it works.
By:John Monfoe
Date: 6/1/2001, 6:48 am

I have been away for a few days. I put Windows 2000 Pro into my old computer and it craws plus it only lets me use the old verson 3.0 AOL rather then 6.0. I feel like I am in a fog with one hand tied behind me so I will be back with pictures next week showing how the rescuing kayak works.

With me in the water, I grab the side of the boat and it just spins like a log. I have to get enough water flooded inside the cockpit to make it work. I can't do that just holding onto the side because the side watertight compartment won't go under water enough to allow enough flooding to take place. I found that holding down on the stern and twisting the boat sideways I can get enough water into the boat to make it stable so I can craw over the side into the cockpit. I will also velcro a canvas bucket inside the cockpit as another second option to get enough water into the cockpit to make a side entry work. Once I am inside the water filled cockpit the boat is much more stable then then when unflooded and can be paddled at about half the speed that it could normally go. Bailing all of this water out is quick and simple. I paddle the boat to shore and pull it sideways on shore as far as I can. The I bail about half the water to make it lighter and then tip the boat towards shore and most of the water comes out. Then I lift the stern and then the bow and all of the water is out. I am pleased with the results because I really wasn't sure this would work and I feel confident now that I can rescue myself.


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Self Rescuing kayak --it works.
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