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To Sun or Not To Sun...
By:Rick Mitchell
Date: 8/14/2001, 12:20 am

Would the very new epoxy top coat on my Guillemot Single discolor much at R2K1 without UV protection? (No time for Spar before Friday) Total exposure might be 30 hours over 3 days including transport. Otherwise I will bring blankets to cover it and/or stay off the beach back under a tree... :(

Took it out for a very short paddle (pics soon) last Sunday and it was more than I ever dreamed for even with outriggers on the back.

Ross: I saw a post a few weeks ago lamenting that your boat is turning brown.. Any thoughts?



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To Sun or Not To Sun...
Rick Mitchell -- 8/14/2001, 12:20 am
Re: To Sun or Not To Sun...
Peter Harris -- 8/15/2001, 2:19 pm
Re: To Sun or Not To Sun...
Nick Schade - Guillemot Kayaks -- 8/14/2001, 9:05 am
Re: To Sun or Not To Sun...
Ross Leidy -- 8/14/2001, 8:50 am
Paddle now shovel snow later
!RUSS -- 8/14/2001, 8:06 am