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Kayak building stands
By:David Carlson
Date: 7/31/2001, 8:13 am

I have found an interesting way to build stands to work on my kayak during construction. I took a couple 5 gallon buckets and filled them with fast curing consrete mix. I anchored two by sixes in the concrete and braced them up plumb and stright until the concrete set up. Make them whatever height is comfortable to work without a lot of bending . I just put cleats on to hold the strongback and set in cradles for when you strip the deck. This works great and saves space in your shop! Also you dont have to negotiate sawhorses sticking out everytime you circle the boat.

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Kayak building stands
David Carlson -- 7/31/2001, 8:13 am
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John Monfoe -- 8/1/2001, 3:23 am