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Paddle Holder for Single Paddles ?
Date: 8/2/2001, 3:23 am

Has anyone seen any type of holder that will work on a single paddle in attaching it to the inside of an open double cockpit wall. I can keep them off the deck and inside the cockpit, on the walls, but would like to find something that would be an easy release type system, but also hold it solid while paddling. Just curious!! I thought about one of the shovel/rake/broom holders that you just stick them into and let friction do the rest when they hang. ( the hook type and not the ring type ) Maybe useing two of them and angling them towards each other would hold, and when you want a quick release, just push them away from each other and loosen it to pull the paddle free. ??? It could be coated with rubberized plastic coating. Just another thought. Later,


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Paddle Holder for Single Paddles ?
Rehd -- 8/2/2001, 3:23 am
Re: Paddle Holder for Single Paddles ?
Paul G. Jacobson -- 8/2/2001, 11:54 pm
Re: Paddle Holder for Single Paddles ?
Rehd -- 8/3/2001, 12:59 am