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Re: Thanks Rob, Jay & Nick
Date: 6/24/2001, 8:38 am

Just a big 'Thank you' for organizing the event at Bluff Pt. The turn out was fantastic and it was good to see so many different designs, construction techniques and great people in one spot.
Three of us drove down together from various locations in Mass. I did bring my first built boat, a Ches. 16. It is cetainly not as beautiful as the many strippers and other stitch and glues, yet it seemed to fit in as we all had fun paddling the other boats.
Rob's new design, Disko Bay was a pleasure to paddle. It went very straight but was easy to turn. I think it has the the hardest chine I've seen on a stripper. Rob's Shooting Star was also very busy. I had to wait in line to paddle that one. I think I'm not the only one who is intimidated by the size of the North Star. I did not try the North Star as 17 ft is the limit to my storage at home, but everybody going by in it had a big smile.
The ride of the day for me was in Nick's Night Heron! I loved every second in that boat. It absolutly dances on top of the water. I never felt so in control of a kayak as that one. It would go straight when you wanted to, but literally turn on a dime. If I ever build a stripper, I KNOW which one it would be!
I was flattered that a few people took out my boat for a 'test drive'. I got some advice on some repairs my boat needs and will be useing it right away.
I saw so many clever little tricks and techniques that were also impressive. The little things that make you go "Wow" and "Why didn't I think of that?".
The collective creativity of a group is always better, which is why meets such as this are so wonderful.
Thank you again to all who I saw and met Sat. at Bluff Point. I missed alot of names, but I know you all better now.