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New Glue
Date: 7/17/2001, 1:32 pm

I build S&G, but I have learned so much from you strip builders that i wanted to return the favor. I found this in the Feb/Mar 2001 "Fine Homebuilding" magazine (Hey, I know I'm a slow reader.) and immediately thought of all the glue discussions. It looks like the glue would be good for both edge gluing and end gluing.

"Last summer, I sent my rookie helper to the lumberyard with a shopping list that included ‘\"a bottle of glue." When he returned with a bottle of what I thought was white glue, I grimaced a little but figured I’d give it a try.

I spread some on the end grain of two handrail scraps and pressed them together. A few minutes later, it was all I could do to pull them apart. I was amazed at how well the glue grabbed. And this glue was a lot thicker than any white glue that I’d seen. I pulled the bottle out of my nail bag for a second look. "Titebond Wood Molding glue,’ it said on the label, "strong initial tack – sets fast." I should say it tacks fast; carpenter’s glue sure doesn’t grab like that.

I’ve been using Molding Glue for a few months now for miters and edge-gluing. I find that it’s particularly good for gluing the backs on cabinets because there are no drips. It dries clear and doesn’t leave a noticeable glueline. Although you still get a few minutes working time, Molding Glue is to thick to run or drip, even on vertical joints. It does flow slowly, so I store bottles upside down in a warm place to speed up the flow.

The manufacturer says that molding Glue’s strength is close to that of Titebond glue."

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