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Why not a sit-on-top pedal-powered stripper?
By:Mike Plumer
Date: 9/4/2001, 2:06 am

My wife has a Hobie Mirage, a polyethylene sit-on-top powered by pedaled fins. Though I've built three stitch-and-glue wooden kayaks, I sometimes like to take this boat out because I can pedal it for hours without getting numb feet or legs. I've been wishing I had a pedal-powered boat as appealing as the wooden kayaks, and have begun to wonder whether one couldn't build a sit-on-top stripper which could be used with the Hobie pedaled fins. The Mirage has a slot through the (double) hull through which the fins are inserted after putting the boat in the water. So my question is, does anybody have experience with building a sit-on-top stripper? I think I've seen at least one picture of one. Am I naive to imagine that strip-building technology would lend itself just as well to building a kayak with the deck intact but dented in (a sit-on-top) as it would to building one with a big round hole in the top?
Mike Plumer
Poulsbo, WA

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Why not a sit-on-top pedal-powered stripper?
Mike Plumer -- 9/4/2001, 2:06 am
Actually, one is about to be complete!..
Tom Tieman -- 9/4/2001, 1:04 pm
A breif description
Tom Tieman -- 9/5/2001, 12:18 pm
Got a picture?
Mike Plumer -- 9/6/2001, 3:17 pm
Re: Got a picture?
Tom Tieman -- 9/7/2001, 8:09 am
Re: Steering: I vote for a hand-controlled rudder
Mike Plumer -- 9/7/2001, 1:34 pm
Re: Actually, one is about to be complete!..
Nick Schade - Guillemot Kayaks -- 9/4/2001, 1:54 pm
Re: Why not a sit-on-top pedal-powered stripper?
Nick Schade - Guillemot Kayaks -- 9/4/2001, 8:54 am
Re: Hobie pedal-driven fins
Mike Plumer -- 9/4/2001, 6:18 pm
Me too
Charlie Lesh -- 9/4/2001, 7:58 am
Here are two drive sources
Craig Bumgarner -- 9/4/2001, 8:55 am
Re: Would I have to slow down in no-wake zones?
Mike Plumer -- 9/4/2001, 6:25 pm
Sure, why not ?
Paul G. Jacobson -- 9/4/2001, 4:15 am
Re: Seems straightforward...
Mike Plumer -- 9/4/2001, 6:29 pm