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Merganser 17W Launch *Pic*
By:Paul Johnson
Date: 7/1/2001, 7:38 pm

Well, the varnish hardened enought that we grabbed the chance and launched.
The boat was great!!! Still need to do hatch hold-downs (thus the duct tape closures),
more varnishinge, fix the seat and install deck lines. But paddling has happened!

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Merganser 17W Launch *Pic*
Paul Johnson -- 7/1/2001, 7:38 pm
She's a beauty !!!!
Ken Sutherland -- 7/11/2001, 12:46 am
Re: Merganser 17W Launch
eric schade (shearwater boats) -- 7/7/2001, 11:25 pm
Re: Merganser 17W Launch
Paul Johnson -- 7/1/2001, 8:42 pm