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Varnish on top of paint - discoloration?
By:Val Wann
Date: 6/22/2001, 7:51 pm

Don't want to launch another round of the "Which varnish is best" discussion, but I've gotten some conflicting info and I hope someone can share experiences.

I'm thinking about painting the bottom of my S&G, both to hide some ugly spots and also to provide better visibility in case of capsize & need for rescue. (I don't EXPECT to need rescue, but Murphy's Law encourages me to plan for it.)

I was going to use a light blue (white looks like a whitecap, orange & yellow don't match my aesthetics, dark colors are harder to see.) Most of the hull and the deck will be bright wood, but there will be some parts of the upper hull painted (near the stems - some things to be hidden there).

If I were to apply varnish over the entire boat after painting, WITHOUT masking the painted areas, what problems could I expect? Are there any varnishes (including urethanes, etc.) that will provide good UV protection yet will not add a yellow or orange tint to a painted surface?

I've seen some corporate literature touting "clear" finishes. I'm more interested in what people have experienced, including perhaps if the color changes with age.

Thanks in advance.