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do I need a rudder?
By:Charlie Lesh
Date: 9/4/2001, 9:05 am

Hi all:

I recently completed a modified great auk. I wanted a shorter boat so I just chopped it off a couple stations early. I have been out on the water for quite some time over the last two months and I'm starting to learn a little about its performance.

Oddly, in rough chop it handles like a dream, and tracks very straight. In flat water it doesn't track as well, and I often need to correct my direction with extra strokes. Sometimes in completely flat water it tracks so poorly that I 'wipe out', almost doing a complete 'doughnut', and actually need to stop paddling with a backstroke to restart on my intended course.

So I was thinking that I could benefit from a rudder. Can anyone tell me about building a rudder vs. buying one? Could I get by without a rudder, and maybe just add some tipe of skeg or something?

Also, could it be that all my problems are due to my paddling technique? I am a complete novice, and this is the first kayak I have ever paddled.


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