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Sea Kayaker Skin-on-Frame Plans
Date: 8/29/2001, 10:20 pm

Hello, all!

I'm ready to start my 3rd boat (already built a CLC Chesepeake 18 and a baidarka to Brink's book - they're great!) and I want a Greenlander. (Actually, I'm going to make a folder... I think!) The Sea Kayaker plans look like a great place to start, but Sea Kayaker isn't selling the necessary back issues anymore. Can anyone help me with offsets and construction details? I'm obviously going to change a lot, but I need to see how it's done in a solid boat. Thanks for the help!


I'm a good customer of Sea Kayaker, so if someone is willing to photocopy the article, I'd be much obliged, and they're already getting more of my money than I can afford!

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