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Eliminating air bubbles
By:Dan Nelson
Date: 6/26/2001, 4:17 pm

Hello All....

In the model aircraft world there is a relatively common practice of using a roll of toilet paper to help lay down the fiberglass on wings. I know it sounds strange, but here is the process I use...

I start with a simple fill coat of epoxy on the surface. When it is fairly cured (but not yet hard), I lay down the cloth and wet it out completely. If there are a few air bubbles or puddles of epoxy, I don't fret too much since the next step will take care of it.

Here comes the cool part.....Take a roll of toilet paper, and roll it out on the wetted fiberglass, starting in the center and rolling outward. Use a reasonable amount of pressure to help the toilet paper "leach up" the wet epoxy through the fiberglass. When you have a few feet of toilet paper rolled out, simply pull it up for a very clean surface. The finish is a very even, "bubble free", and eliminates any puddles of epoxy.

If you want the ultimate in light finishes, this method works great. If you want the mirror finish, just apply a couple of fill coats.

Please try this method on a scrap of wood before you try it out on a boat. You may or may not like the finished product.

Happy building


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Eliminating air bubbles
Dan Nelson -- 6/26/2001, 4:17 pm
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erez -- 6/28/2001, 5:32 am
Does anybody know what I'm talking about?
Doug K. -- 6/29/2001, 12:43 pm
Re: Eliminating air bubbles
Doug K -- 6/26/2001, 7:16 pm
interesting + question
mike allen ---> -- 6/26/2001, 6:01 pm
Re: interesting .how come...
scotty -- 6/27/2001, 2:02 pm
an appropriate technique for yours . . .
mike allen ---> -- 6/27/2001, 2:16 pm
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