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Re: interesting ,but ...
Date: 6/28/2001, 5:32 am
In Response To: Eliminating air bubbles (Dan Nelson)

hello all,

: I start with a simple fill coat of epoxy on the surface. When it is fairly
: cured (but not yet hard), I lay down the cloth and wet it out completely.
: If there are a few air bubbles or puddles of epoxy, I don't fret too much
: since the next step will take care of it.

it's an interesting idea, but I think there is a slight difference.

we, kayak builders cover large surfaces with FG.
the surfaces we cover are large enough that we can't make sure
the FG is layed correctly until after it's layed, so
we must have the ability to move the FG around & slide it on the
surface (hull/deck) after it's layed.
because of this reason we must lay the FG on a completely cured epoxy,
or on a completely liquid epoxy, so we will be able to slide the FG around.
anybody trying your method should pay attention to this point.

I believe in the model airplanes world you cover smaller areas & are able
to figure out how the FG will fit before it's actually touching the epoxy.

besides that, the idea with the toilet paper instead of a dedicated
pill ply cloth is very interesting & worth trying.

thanks for the ideas,


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