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interesting + question
By:mike allen --->
Date: 6/26/2001, 6:01 pm
In Response To: Eliminating air bubbles (Dan Nelson)

: Hello All....

: In the model aircraft world there is a relatively common practice of using a
: roll of toilet paper to help lay down the fiberglass on wings. I know it
: sounds strange, but here is the process I use...

: I start with a simple fill coat of epoxy on the surface. When it is fairly
: cured (but not yet hard), I lay down the cloth and wet it out completely.
: If there are a few air bubbles or puddles of epoxy, I don't fret too much
: since the next step will take care of it.

: Here comes the cool part.....Take a roll of toilet paper, and roll it out on
: the wetted fiberglass, starting in the center and rolling outward. Use a
: reasonable amount of pressure to help the toilet paper "leach
: up" the wet epoxy through the fiberglass. When you have a few feet of
: toilet paper rolled out, simply pull it up for a very clean surface. The
: finish is a very even, "bubble free", and eliminates any puddles
: of epoxy.

: If you want the ultimate in light finishes, this method works great. If you
: want the mirror finish, just apply a couple of fill coats.

: Please try this method on a scrap of wood before you try it out on a boat.
: You may or may not like the finished product.

: Happy building

: Dan

interesting idea

i wonder if the t.p. would tear up under the heavier wt of one of our yak layups. it seems similar to the peel ply idea.

another question, i wonder if there was some other fabric that could undergo major tension that would also do this( would peel ply work? - what is peel ply?)like could you do a lay up and put major tension on this outer skin, the excess would go thru the pores or be sucked up and you would get a thinner laminate w/ more optimal resin content. would it thin out the problems w/ those resin rich laminate. like say you had a real simple hull shape, could you wet out the layerws of glass and lay on top some fabric and hang wts from it all around the perimeter of the yak, scraping up excess glass a s it squeezed thru all the time? poor man's and simple mans vaccum bag?

is it possible?


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interesting + question
mike allen ---> -- 6/26/2001, 6:01 pm
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an appropriate technique for yours . . .
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