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Sealing under keel
By:Ken Moran
Date: 7/24/2001, 9:23 am

I am at the point where I have to install my wood keel over my nylon skinned kayak. The nylon is coated with polyureathane spar varnish. I have routed out a grove in the keel so it will fit over the seam and tacks. There still are a few places where there will be a small gap between the keel and the skin.

Could I use a clear RTV between the two before I screw on the keel? Or will I have to use a clear epoxy?

Thank you for any information you can share with me./ Ken

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Sealing under keel
Ken Moran -- 7/24/2001, 9:23 am
Re: Sealing under keel
Paul G. Jacobson -- 7/25/2001, 3:31 am