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Hiding White Spots & Mistakes.
By:John Monfoe
Date: 7/9/2001, 5:52 am

I put the last fill coat of epoxy on my kayak and found a way to cover the white spots from glassing and other small mistakes. Walmart has dozens of different colored water soluble paint in 2 oz. squeeze bottles for 44 cents each in the craft section. I put different colors dabs of paint on a peice of cardboard and using a 1/2" glazing brush, I mixed colors to the match the color I wanted and stippled slightly over the area with the end of the brush. If it wasn't what I wanted, I just wipe it off and tryed again. When I had a natural looking match I put a cover coat of epoxy over the painted area. You could do the same thing between varnish coats.

I put my boat name on the kayak yesterday and this is what did and didn't work for me. I tried toilet tissue paper taped to printing paper and run it through the inkjet printer but the second layer of the two layer tissue kept tearing up in the printer. Then I tried tracing paper which printed out well but didn't wet out enough to suit me. Finally, I taped Christmas wrapping paper to inkjet printing paper and it printed out well and also wetted out real good.


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Hiding White Spots & Mistakes.
John Monfoe -- 7/9/2001, 5:52 am
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