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U-bolt in end pour
By:Val Wann
Date: 8/2/2001, 2:56 pm

Just doing a last-minute sanity check before I start outfitting my boat. I plan to drill holes through the deck into the end pours and epoxy a 2" long stainless U-bolt in place as a deck fitting. I *think* this will be strong enough to mount the carry handle, as well as being a good pivot point for a running bow line and place to attach a security cable.

I know a standard padeye/wood screws arrangement is nowhere near strong enough for this.

Am I taking a big risk thinking the U-bolt will be strong enough? (I'd like it to have a working load of around 400 lb., in case the fully loaded boat with paddler gets suspended from it.)

Details: CLC Ches LT18. End pours are at least 4 inches from either stem, epoxy with microballoons.

Thanks in advance for opinions.

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