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Contributions welcome
By:Ross Leidy
Date: 10/2/2001, 8:40 am

Actually, contributions are solicited. (no, not money.)

I've been asked numerous times to describe the paddling characteristics of the boats I've built. Every time I responded to that question, I thought it would be nice to have that info available on my website. I finally put together a rudimentary page with a short paragraph, but I really think it would be more useful if I could start to accumulate other builders' thoughts as well. So, if you've got something to say about the boat you've built, send it to me and I'll incorporate it (subject to editorial censorship :) ). In fact, don't limit your description to paddling characteristics. If you've got comments on building procedure, put that in too. I'm open to whatever content is useful (e.g., dimensions, weight, max speed, stability, tracking, maneuverability, etc). And the descriptions don't have to be about just the few boats I've built - all are welcome. Let me know if I can attach your email address to your description so future builders can pick your brains.

If you'd like to contribute, send me email (let's not congest the bbs). I anticipate that the format of the page will change as new info comes in. I put the "characteristics" page off the Articles page (which also contains Jay's article on sculling).

Won't you please help the future kayak builders of the world? Send your contribution today. :) (if I had a picture of Sally Struthers, I'd be tempted to post it here)

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