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Mission accomplished! *Pic*
By:Pete Rudie
Date: 8/3/2001, 7:25 pm

I asked a while back for advice on a friend with a disability, and was overwhelmed with the breadth, depth and thoughtfulness of the responses. As you can see below, the girl is on the water now, with great gusto. No orthotics were necessary, it turns out, and she doesn't even need a bike glove. I made the shaft 1.25"x1.0", and it works just great. Thanks again all for the terrific advice. I'm hoping whe will join us at R2K1.

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Mission accomplished! *Pic*
Pete Rudie -- 8/3/2001, 7:25 pm
!RUSS -- 8/4/2001, 8:36 am
Re: congradulations!! *NM*
daren neufeld -- 8/3/2001, 10:35 pm
Re: Mission accomplished!
Roy Morford -- 8/3/2001, 7:31 pm
Your a good guy. *NM*
John Monfoe -- 8/4/2001, 4:47 am