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Bending Plywood for Cockpit Coaming
Date: 7/2/2001, 3:03 am

This is amazing stuff. I just cut up a whole sheet of this 1/8" Italian Poplar Bending Plywood to use for my cockpit rim on the Walrus Double-Open I'm building. Some 3" and some 6" for the back and front respectively. If I can squeeze one more picture out of Photo-Point before they shut 'er down, I'll show you what it looks like all cut up. Also got a start on glueing up one of the two paddles I will be making. Lots a Fun today. :) Well, not entirely. That plywood was a Mother-Bear to cut as it wants to bend all over while you are trying to feed it through the saw. More as I progress towards finishing in time for P.T. in Aug.... Later......


P.S. ( Ratz!! Photo-Point lied again! They were supposed to change on the 3rd. and I just went to my account and it is closed off. Oh well, no picture, but you should see this stuff. It's rolled up into a 20" circle of strips. The whole sheet looks like a christmas reath. Oh well, hard to describe without pictures. Later..... :( )

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Bending Plywood for Cockpit Coaming
Rehd -- 7/2/2001, 3:03 am
Re: Bending Plywood for Cockpit Coaming
Don Beale -- 7/2/2001, 11:06 am