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smoked glass kayak
By:Dave M
Date: 6/19/2001, 7:27 pm

I have just finished sanding the epoxy to varnish so to bring boat to the beach bash. All kind of problems have come up!!! I had 3 coats of system 3, two layers of 4 oz cloth, and of course the seams. As I was sanding everything ,I came across some areas that did not cure right. No way to tell intill the sander hit them. The epoxy turned to eighter gum or crystalized like sugar. I sanded all the bad areas clean and did sand through in places. Small dime size holes. In other places I came very close or touched the cloth. I sanded with 60/80 grit for the worst of it and finished with 100 grit. I got every thing nice and smooth and level, but there are cloudy white areas and glass showing, everywhere. I have just tryed today to recoat with epoxy to fill in weak spots, glass the holes, and try to clear the rest. It has been 6 hours so I would guess that everything that is going to happen has, and I still have a lot of areas of clouds. Am I screwed???
It is much too ugly to bring to Conn., unless It needs to be seen by you doctors to find a cure. What to do??

acne kayak
Dave M

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smoked glass kayak
Dave M -- 6/19/2001, 7:27 pm
bring it forth and let the healing waters . . .
Paul G. -- 6/19/2001, 10:23 pm