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Identifying Glass Cloth
Date: 9/7/2001, 1:16 pm

A trip through Seattle a few weeks ago yielded an expensive stop at Seattle Fabrics (neoprene, boat cover material) and a much cheaper stop at the Boeing outlet store, where they had a roll of satin weave glass cloth. It was pretty cheap by the pound and I bought a lot of it. I'm sure that the project list will expand to accomodate it, but I'd like to know just what it is that I have. I can easily weigh a fixed amount to get that information, but can anyone tell me how to tell the difference between s-glass and e-glass?

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Identifying Glass Cloth
KenB -- 9/7/2001, 1:16 pm
Identifying Glass Cloth-
Rich -- 9/7/2001, 5:12 pm
Ted and Pete, you missed it!
Shawn Baker -- 9/7/2001, 2:12 pm
Re: Ted and Pete, you missed it!
Dale Frolander -- 9/9/2001, 12:34 am
Ted Henry -- 9/7/2001, 9:31 pm
Re: Paying the middleman
Shawn Baker -- 9/10/2001, 1:13 pm