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Building an Aleut Baidarka
By:Mark Woodhead
Date: 10/5/2001, 10:40 am

I just ordered plans from the Canadian Museum of Civilization for the Aleut Baidarka collected by Margaret Lantis in 1934. It's the one that's in the Lowie Museum in Berkeley, CA.

Has anyone out there built this particular boat? Or one very similar? How stable is it? If it's really tippy, what's involved in increasing the beam from its20.4" to say, 22" or so. I'm also considering lengthening the boat a bit, from it's designed 16'8" up to 17'6" or so. What do you all think?

What I'm looking for out of the boat is one that cruises faster than my Arctic Tern, rides swells better, and handles rough water better. I'm ready for a bit narrower boat, but a 20" beam is a big jump from my 23.5" Tern. It was the Laughing Loon North Star Baidarka that got me started on this design, and I think the North Star is about 18'4" x 22".

This will be my first skin-on-frame, and I want to get it right the first time. I've been reading Robert Morris' book, and he likes to talk about just experimenting and seeing what you get, but I just don't have the time or resources to build several of these in order to get it right.

Thanks for your help...

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Building an Aleut Baidarka
Mark Woodhead -- 10/5/2001, 10:40 am
Re: Building an Aleut Baidarka
Rob Macks -- 10/5/2001, 10:53 am
Sorry, Here's that link
Rob Macks -- 10/5/2001, 10:56 am