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end mold to extension connection method Nick - Rob
By:Scott E. Davis
Date: 7/24/2001, 1:27 pm

I thought I would mention another alternative method for attaching the stem and stern section molds to the extensions. The problem of accessing dry wall screws can be overcome by using a hex head sheet metal screw instead. The screw can then be reached and removed later with a ratched box wrench. The screws come with a phillips/hex combination so they can be quickly installed with a cordless drill. This allows the best of both worlds, I think. I used an external strongback without the complicated end mold design needed for removal. I hot glued the internal stem piece and cut it off with a coping saw blade as I stripped. The coping saw is taken out of its frame and left in the seam between the stem piece and the mold. As I work, I just cut up a little higher on the hot glued seam. What do you think?