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recessed fittings -drill, table saw, hand tools *Pic*
By:Chris Menard
Date: 8/1/2001, 7:48 am

I created these recessed deck fittings for my G. I cute the rings out of some scrap cherry with a 1 5/8 inch hole saw and a 1 inch drill bit using my have drill.

To assure that the circles are concentric, I drilled half way through the cherry with the hole saw. Then, using the hole created by the hole saw's center bit, I drilled out the 1 inch smaller circle. Then completed the work with the hole saw.

The blocks were cut on my table saw. I dug the holes out with a gouge. Drilling a center hole into the material to the desired depth of the hole acts as a good depth guild when using the gouge.

Two dollars worth of SS were cut to make the little bars. The bars extend beyond the cherry rings and will add a little 'grab' to the deck.

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recessed fittings -drill, table saw, hand tools *Pic*
Chris Menard -- 8/1/2001, 7:48 am
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Don Beale -- 8/3/2001, 5:12 pm
Re: recessed fittings -drill, table saw, hand tool
Mike Nicholson -- 8/2/2001, 8:55 pm
Nice easy method
Jay Babina -- 8/2/2001, 8:43 am
Re: recessed fittings -picture 3 *NM* *Pic*
Chris Menard -- 8/1/2001, 7:49 am
Re: recessed fittings -picture 2 *NM* *Pic*
Chris Menard -- 8/1/2001, 7:49 am