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portage yokes or devices?
By:Scott E. davis
Date: 10/1/2001, 1:34 pm

I went on a kayak river trip on the Wisconsin/UP border this weekend. I managed to carry our tent cookin's and my own kayak for a 1/4 mile portage. However, it was not pretty and I was not satisfied carrying the boat on my head, or with it hanging down from my hand. Has anyone developed a good yoke that does not get in the way or front and back portage packs? - Scott E.

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portage yokes or devices?
Scott E. davis -- 10/1/2001, 1:34 pm
Re: portage yokes or devices?
John Monfoe -- 10/2/2001, 5:55 am
Re: here's one *Pic*
Ross Leidy -- 10/1/2001, 4:42 pm
sorta agree w/ steve:
mike allen ---> -- 10/1/2001, 7:41 pm
Looks painful! Imagine if you fell with that thin *NM*
Steve H. -- 10/1/2001, 5:54 pm
Re: portage yokes or devices?
Rob Macks -- 10/1/2001, 4:38 pm