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Re-varnishing/epoxying an 8 year old boat
By:Jon Allen
Date: 6/10/2001, 8:46 am

Hello all,

My father and I built a couple of Georgian Bays in 1993-94 and they are in need of some scratch removal work on the hulls. I have sanded and re-varnshed a couple of times over the years but am now thinking that I may want epoxy in some of the larger scrapes (none through to the wood but pretty deep).

I have a few questions:

1. I have heard of people using plastic wrap to force/help keep epoxy in a scrape. Does this work, is it necessary to avoid running, what is the best process?

2. Is Helmsman's varnish good enough or should I use Z-spar or another Captain's Varnish? Pros and cons of the different brands?

3. Since I will be doing 2 boats at the same time with 3+ coats I would like to speed up the process..... can varnish be sprayed (if thinned) through a Wagner Power Painter (TM) or am I just asking for trouble?

4. We ignored common sense (and Rob Mack's excellent instructions) and did not add "skid-plates" at the bow and stern. Now after years of trying to avoid gliding up on beaches, the cloth is somewhat exposed in these areas. I have probably answered my own question but... should I add a glass skid plate? and if so, what is the best material? (epoxy impregnated cloth, 2 layers of 6 oz, etc?)

5. In a recent post it was suggested that the deck and hull could be sprayed at the same time by handing the boat up with a 2x2 under the deck at the cockpit... sounds brilliant!!! what kind of sprayers work?

The boats have served us well over the yars and now deserve a little fixing up so we can get even more fun out of them. I appreciate any suggestions that you may have. Our boats are pretty(though not as detailed and beautiful as some pictured on this message board)I want to make sure they stay that way. A freind paddled one of them last week and was so impressed by it that he ordered a CLC S&G kit this week (he wants to be done and on the water this summer so a stripper was out of the question). I think that is a testament to what everyone on this board already knows.... these boats are wonderful, a blast to build and paddle.

Happy building/paddling!!

Jon Allen

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Re-varnishing/epoxying an 8 year old boat
Jon Allen -- 6/10/2001, 8:46 am
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Paul G. Jacobson -- 6/10/2001, 7:49 pm