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Polo Kayak Design
By:Shawn Baker
Date: 10/5/2001, 5:41 pm

Okay, here's a new topic as the winter doldrums loom:

Does anybody know of any available polo kayak designs?

They are made of plastic, kevlar and glass, but why not wood?

With extra interior glass, you could get a very durable boat. Are kayak polo boats all the very same design, or just look that way? It would be an easy design to strip.

Polo would be a great way to hone balance, edging, rolling, and maneuvering strokes over the winter.

I played "Ultimate Frisbee" in sea kayaks last weekend. Not as maneuverable as WW or polo boats, but fast, and fast-paced! I rolled once, and took a bow in the chest. (Use #62 for a good fitting PFD). Polo boats have blunt (and often, padded) ends.


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