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Re: Polo Kayak Design
By:Rick Checkland
Date: 10/10/2001, 4:47 pm
In Response To: Polo Kayak Design (Shawn Baker)

: Okay, here's a new topic as the winter doldrums loom: Does anybody know of
: any available polo kayak designs?

: They are made of plastic, kevlar and glass, but why not wood?

: With extra interior glass, you could get a very durable boat. Are kayak polo
: boats all the very same design, or just look that way? It would be an easy
: design to strip.

: Polo would be a great way to hone balance, edging, rolling, and maneuvering
: strokes over the winter.

: I played "Ultimate Frisbee" in sea kayaks last weekend. Not as
: maneuverable as WW or polo boats, but fast, and fast-paced! I rolled once,
: and took a bow in the chest. (Use #62 for a good fitting PFD). Polo boats
: have blunt (and often, padded) ends.

: Shawn

It is a great way to improve your paddeling, not only over the winter.

No all designs are not the same. Try the link below as a start to finding polo on the net. Many of the designs are copyright. The shape of polo boat is controlled by the International Canoe Federation, mostly for safety reasons. Try the ICF website for a the rules which include boat specs. Ends are always padded as tackling is allowed (with some restrictions) This also means that boats have to be quite impact resistant.

Many players began in older style WW boats with foam securely taped over both ends. This is not as good as having a proper boat but you can have lots of fun.
If you would like any other info on polo please feel free to email me direct

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