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Kayak epoxy and bubbles
By:David S.
Date: 9/23/2001, 11:20 am

I am returning to work on my kayak I began 3 years ago. I tried to glass the outside of the deck but I kept getting bubbles growing under the glass. They seem to come from some of the strip seams and a few staple holes, but many just seem to appear in the strip itself. I removed the fiberglass and tried a thin sealer coat of epoxy and this too blew bubbles, but only on staple holes and strip seams. So I sanded the epoxy layer smooth and added another thin layer. This time instead of hundreds of bubbles I have 40 to 50. Here's another thing, it seems to do it almost exclusively on the redwood strips. The inside of the deck has already been glassed (out of order in Nick's book I know). Could it be that there is trapped air in the seams and as the day wears on it heats and expands? The temperature change has only been 4-5 degrees F. Or is it something else that I am missing? I am using west systems epoxy with the 206 hardener. Thank you in advance for any tips! David S.

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Kayak epoxy and bubbles
David S. -- 9/23/2001, 11:20 am
Re: Kayak epoxy and bubbles
Ken Sutherland -- 9/23/2001, 2:56 pm