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Canvas/plywood kayak
By:Alan Adams
Date: 6/14/2001, 4:31 pm

I'm interested in building a kayak. I like the look of the walrus kayaks I saw pictures of, but I'm a little uneasy about paddling around in something with a canvas hull. How strong are they? How easy would it be to get tear or puncture if it gets hung up on some underwater obstacle? How resistant is it to wear?
The idea I had was to make a stitch and tape hull and use canvas for the deck. I figure this would help cut down costs for epoxy and fiberglass, while still giving me a bit more peace of mind while I'm out paddling. Economy is the other main reason, I'm a student, and need to keep this as cheap as possible.
Any comments or suggestions? Are there any compelling reasons why this is a bad idea?

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Canvas/plywood kayak
Alan Adams -- 6/14/2001, 4:31 pm
Allay your fears
Paul G. Jacobson -- 6/14/2001, 6:21 pm
Re: Allay your fears
Alan Adams -- 6/14/2001, 11:54 pm
Re: Allay your fears
Roger Nuffer -- 6/15/2001, 9:32 pm
Re: Allay your fears
Alan Adams -- 6/15/2001, 11:13 pm
Its pretty hot here too...
Kirk -- 6/18/2001, 12:03 am
Re: Allay your fears
Roger Nuffer -- 6/16/2001, 1:42 am
serious heat!
brett the hitman hart -- 6/16/2001, 8:09 pm
Re: Allay your fears
Rehd -- 6/16/2001, 1:24 am
Re: Canvas/plywood kayak_thread link
peter -- 6/14/2001, 4:37 pm