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laminate vs. one-piece paddle
By:Bryan Sarauer
Date: 9/29/2001, 12:33 am

Hello folks,
I was intending to build my first paddle according to the plans & directions from "Canoe Paddles" by Warren & Gidmark. My plan is (was?) to build a one-piece Ottertail canoe paddle out of a yet-to-be-determined wood. I called my uncle the cabinet maker/carpenter this evening to find out where a good place to get quality wood at a reasonable price. While talking to him he gave me quite a bit of good advice including where to find free scraps of cherry, walnut, maple, etc. He also recommended that I not build a one-piece paddle, suggesting that it'll be susceptible to warpage and cracking . Rather, he suggested that I build a laminate paddle from several different woods, or build a laminate paddle out of a single piece, re-fitting it back together so that it appeared to be one piece. He also suggested the strips be at most 1/4" wide, preferably thinner, stating that a paddle (or anything else) built in this manner would be very strong and not likely to crack or warp.

Can I get your comments, opinions & feedback? I realize that if I build a laminate paddle from scraps of wood, my wood would probably be free, but I just love the look of the beautiful one-piece paddles.

Thanks in advance.
Bryan Sarauer

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